Charlie is a Rugby Union jock from the U.K. now living in Sydney.

His model good looks (masculine meets cute) are complemented by his unassuming attitude and powerful muscular body honed from numerous rugby games and relentless training.

On top of all this, he has a big dick that spurts a lot! When he blew it spurted 112 cm up to his upper pec, with 4 spasms! Charlie is simply hot! Watch Charlie’s video here.

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What a find! This week we are featuring 21-ear-old bodybuilder & surf-lifesaver Callum from Townsville, North Queensland. Callum has a natural country boy manner which complements his good looks. Watch Callum’s videos here.

We did a great beach shoot and in the studio, this straight boy had no problem getting his pants off while he watches straight porn.

He was a bit shy with male crew filming him. So we left the room so he could get into it more, which he did. Spurting a lot all over himself! Callum is unassumingly hot which makes him even hotter. Watch Callum’s videos here.

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James is a Rugby Union player from country Victoria. He’s original from Wellington N.Z. and works as a tradie. Watch James’ full video here.

James now calls Australia home. He has a dog and a hot tradie ute he has tricked up. He loves them both.

Between tradie jobs he managed to do a shoot with us through the glory hole, as one of our expert suckers went to work on his over eager cock. Watch James’ full video here.

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David from Sydney is into many sports. Boxing, soccer, rugby and surfing are all part of his life. He has a very smooth body. Watch David’s full video here.

From a Chilean/Finish background, he has a very friendly laid-back nature and a thick cock that got hard as soon as he began watching str8 porn.

He sensually and relentless pulled it till it spurted heaps of hot cum all over himself! Watch David’s full video here.

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