David simply has the best body of our 780 models we have shot, says our photographer. He is a personal trainer from Townsville, Far North Queensland. We flew him to Cairns to do this shoot. We hope to feature David and his awesome body again in the near future. Watch David here.

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We discovered these two very attractive boys, Roberto and Mattia, travelling around Australia. Originally from Italy, we met them near Sydney’s eastern beaches where they are now based.

They were so good looking we simply had to do a shoot with them! Mattia’s eyes were very sensitive to the sun he found it hard not to squint on the beach.

The dynamics between these two straight mates is very interesting, see for yourself. We hope to do more shooting with them soon. Watch it here.

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Zac, 21 was originally from Brazil now living in Australia. He has Italian heritage so he likes showing his body off. He’s in the midst of a body development program. He has lucid skin especially on his face, looking younger than his 21 years.

He got his pants off as soon as he began watching lesbian vid and then his underpants – when commanded to pull them down and stick his now hard cock through the glory hole to be expertly serviced. Watch it here.

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Joel is from Paddington in Brisbane, Queensland. His youthful, smooth body has been sculptured by many, many early mornings at the pool doing laps, before school, from an early age.

He is not so dedicated to swimming these days. A higher priority is to get someone to suck his – huge cock! :p

On this shoot he got a hard on very quickly and had no problem pushing it through the hole to get expertly sucked. When he blew – he blew heaps! Watch it here.

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